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15. April 2023

lawsuit, criminal proceeding


die Bundesrepublik Deutschland
vertr. durch den Bundespräsidenten
Pücklerstraße 14, 14195 Berlin


dem Deutschen Bundestages
vertr. d. den Bundestagspräsidenten
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Bundeskanzler, Olaf Scholz
Willy-Brandt-Straße 1
10557 Berlin

because of

Violations of international criminal law, crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression


As part of my social commitment, I took in a young man, Martin Baronak, about his homelessness 3 years ago. Martin Baronak was employed on a one-year contract at the brewery zur Malzmühle in Cologne Heumarkt during the Corona pandemic. Short-time work followed and the contract expired during this time. Unemployment followed because of the lockdowns and the other massive restrictions on freedom. Due to his low previous income, he received only small insurance and social benefits of €800 to €1,100. These lockdowns were disproportionate, unlawful and inappropriate.

Mr. Baronak had himself vaccinated, as was required in the catering industry. After the whole spook of the corona pandemic was over, he was again employed by his previous employer on a one-year contract as a tapper.

After a few months, I learned from Mr. Baronak that he was under constant fear of poisoning in his work and had already been under the influence of poison twice, that he could not carry out his work for half an hour and that he was afraid that he had asked his superior to take him to be on leave for a few days or to be released from work until the risk of poisoning has been ruled out. Mr. Baronak remained silent because he didn’t want to appear unbelievable how small children behave towards such abuses, he blames himself for them.

I recommended Mr. Baronak to see a doctor, who immediately put him on sick leave for several weeks. Despite this sick leave, the employer terminated the employment relationship because there was no protection against dismissal for the first six months. The Cologne Labor Court confirmed this in a labor court proceeding. Mr. Baronak received €100 for not publicizing the allegations of being poisoned, like guests and colleagues.

I filed a criminal complaint with the Cologne public prosecutor’s office (921 Js 1144/22) because of these offences!

The personal life situation was discussed by the outpatient social service of the NRW justice system at the Cologne Regional Court, department of court assistance. Mr. Baronak suffered massive mental damage.

The criminal proceedings drag on! Once it was already discontinued and resumed after another lecture. The current situation is unknown.

Mr. Baronak started working as a cook at KH Brewhouse GmbH – Cologne, Ollenhauer Str. 1, 53113 Bonn for their Starnberger Alm restaurant at Heumarkt in Cologne on May 18, 2022. He works without problems for about 7 months and there he meets his current girlfriend, Suada, who works there as a cleaning lady. After these 7 months, Mr. Baronak says that he would also be poisoned there and also believes that because he no longer works there, his girlfriend would be poisoned there. Mr. Baronak had terminated this employment contract because he could no longer work there.

All companies are located on the Heumarkt, so everyone knows everyone else. It may be that Mr. Baronak lacks credibility in his allegations that he and others are being poisoned if he now alleges that another company was poisoned, to the extent that this has been forced. Mr. Baronak is currently working in the Servus restaurant on Heumarkt on a one-year contract, which is still on a trial basis. He is again on sick leave due to severe mental health problems and will start psychotherapy.

Shortly before Easter, he received information from his girlfriend that she was seriously ill and might not have much longer to live. A world collapsed for Mr. Baronak. He, who wants to build up new professional and personal opportunities and perspectives, is shocked and mentally drained. He can no longer sleep, especially since his girlfriend (35) withdrew to the family and Martin also feared the worst because there were no well-founded medical results. He found himself unable to do justice to his work as a cook at Servus. He took sick leave at the risk of being fired, which continues to weigh heavily on him now. She actually has breast cancer!

He was worried about his terminally ill girlfriend (35), who suddenly became seriously ill shortly before Easter but had withdrawn to the family because he didn’t know if she was still alive or how she was doing, which they actually found out after the examinations . In desperation, Mr. Baronak summons up all the courage and interrupts her retreat because he doesn’t know how she is doing. Yes, she writes back: she has breast cancer and has to undergo chemotherapy and/or surgery. You have to process all this first but keep Martin up to date in the future.

He believes that his girlfriend could also have been given poison there and that’s why she got this cancer. Management knew about their relationship and could have taken revenge for the criminal charges filed against them. Martin Baronak was ever gone! The girlfriend is also vaccinated and boosted against the corona virus. In this context, there is excess mortality. It may also be a combination of both events that triggered this cancer.

The criminal complaint lodged with the public prosecutor’s office in Cologne months ago for physical data protection violations and failure to provide assistance is inspired by inaction. So far, not even the file number has been named.

There had previously also been massive poisonings at the Malzmühle brewery in Cologne. A preliminary investigation has been going on here for a year. At that time, Martin Baronak was also on sick leave and was dismissed during this time because he had filed a criminal complaint. The Cologne Labor Court held that since this was also a trial employment relationship, there was no reason for termination. Here, however, the reason for the termination was named, but not yet determined. He felt poisoned and asked his employer for time off until the matter was resolved. It seems that the management knew about these poisonings and had already threatened anyone who denounced this would be fired, and Mr. Baronak was fired.

It may be that the poisoning in the subsequent catering business is also intended to cast doubt on the credibility of the injured party, since it seems implausible to be poisoned again after more than 6 months at the following new workplace.

It is devastating what psychological effects it has when you are in a professionally dependent relationship and are insidiously subjected to a permanent physical danger of poisoning that is difficult to prove. He was temporarily out of action and no longer did his job justice. On the one hand, he cannot really prove this poisoning, he cannot name a culprit or he denies his guilt, because if you knew who and when he carried out the poisoning, you would not drink or eat. Mr. Baronak once placed his drink in such a way that a camera could film what happened while he pretended to be in the toilet. These recordings were never included in the investigative process.

One no longer dares to eat and/or drink anything where one is in a dependent relationship. You are in constant danger, becoming anxious, insecure, etc.! On the other hand, one reports this poisoning, is not believed and gets fired, is not credible and spreads false accusations and is possibly guilty of false accusations. Mr. Baronak brought his drinks from home to prevent poisoning.

The indirect obligation to vaccinate and the lockdowns were disproportionate and constitute a risk. In addition to the physical damage, there was also massive psychological damage. There is excess mortality caused by the vaccine, such as cancer, embolism, heart attacks and strokes, because the vaccine has not been researched for long-term effects. The manufacturer of the vaccines was released from any right of recourse. Did you know what long-term effects these poison cocktails have? That these late effects of the vaccination would not later be attributed to them. The German federal government has grossly negligently accepted these possible killings or even deliberately accepted them.

The poisonings are not pursued and investigated in their explosiveness. Like our current chancellor on the cum ex deals, a million dollar scam won’t be prosecuted just because he can’t remember.

A few days ago, Mr. Baronak received a notice of claim for €1,150 from the Federal Employment Agency, Debt Collection. The claim arose because of starting work for the first month, because the first salary is not paid until the end of the month, you still receive social benefits for this time, which are paid in advance, but are reclaimed because you have already been paid for this month was in an employment relationship. Mr. Baronak currently has a monthly income of around €1,700 net. He pays rent of €570. He has a social law need, which is much too low because of the high inflation, especially for the staple food and electricity and heating costs, of around €1,300 as an employee. So there really isn’t anything left! He would work a whopping €400 a month for around 150 hours of work. His income goes entirely towards his living expenses. But he pays taxes and social security benefits and is now supposed to pay off this €1,150 in installments. The system hits mercilessly.

Martin Baronak was found several times without a ticket. Complaint! Being found without a ticket does not prove the intention of fraud, which can also lead to this due to the barrier-free access to the means of transport and technical confusion and the low and decreasing social benefits are favored. A kind of trap to mobility. In addition to the €60, there were court and penalty costs of €500. This is how people with low income slip into the criminal milieu.

The federal government operates an asylum policy that is tantamount to an invasion of foreigners. The Germans are exterminated or go abroad with high qualifications, while illiterates and criminals enter the country. The car companies are leaving Germany or going bankrupt because of the high energy costs. Poverty in old age and the middle class fall into poverty. We are told that we have to wash ourselves with the washcloth and turn down the heating. One of the richest industrial nations on the way to becoming an agricultural country.

On the one hand he is poisoned, like his girlfriend, with serious damage to his health and nothing happens. The public prosecutor discontinued the proceedings. On the other hand, he is persecuted and punished because he was degraded and deprived of his means of subsistence and had to work for a pittance. The society is highly inhumane, unjust, physically and mentally disturbed. Germany is no longer a social and constitutional state. Germany is desecrated and destroyed by its criminal Germany-hating representatives of the people.

It actually seems that the corona vaccination was a lethal injection for many. The management of the one company where Martin Baronak met his girlfriend has its headquarters in Bonn, where the SPD once had its headquarters, at Ollenhauer Strasse 1.

I call on the International Criminal Court in The Hague to stop these massive psychological and physical injuries resulting in death and to prosecute that the Federal Republic of Germany refrains from killing its citizens at the known risk of the vaccine and through poisoning, which is not prosecuted and which are not investigated , traced and eliminated. The federal government, which often consists of incompetent and criminal representatives of the people, no longer acts and represents the interests of the German people. The federal government sacrifices its clients to the world. Many people’s representatives are highly criminal and violate fundamental and human rights. The elite, the media and politicians have made Germany their own. Power no longer emanates from the people. Elections are a slapstick. The voice of the people was broken. We are neither a democracy nor a legal and welfare state anymore – at least not for German citizens!

The lower class is exploited, excluded and damaged in such a way that fundamental and human rights are violated. The dignity of a human life is denied. The elite exploits the people and is itself highly criminal: e.g. to the cum-ex scandal

On my own behalf: In 1977 I released the club anthem of the 1st league soccer club Borussia Dortmund on my label NEW BLOOD records Helmut Jacobs and Manfred Wehrhahn, their club anthem „Heja BVB“. The exploitation rights should be exercised through the collecting society GVL in Berlin.

This song is intoned once for every home game, as I only found out now. The remuneration was awarded to unauthorized persons from title assignments in the mainstream via a lump sum, although it is not at all their pleasure and repertoire.

For more than 40 years I have been cheated out of these individually recorded remunerations. However, I am being denied a due process. The court date for a procedure from 2021 under the file number: 15 O 219/21 will take place on June 30th, 2023 at the Berlin Regional Court. I will be 75 years old on August 1st. Are you counting on my death? The direct loss of compensation amounts to approx. €250,000 and an additional €200,000 in damages.

We, today the civil-law partnership (GbR) Gregor Arz and Manfred Wehrhahn, initially filed an application for legal aid over the years to claim the guarantee of remuneration, which was rejected on the grounds that companies were not entitled to legal aid, which cannot be true at all for such a form of society.

We had to sue for compensation for 2018 because we can only do this financially because we were financially cheated and not so liquid.

Manfred Wehrhahn